Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Blogging A to Z Challenge - E is for Emerald

Welcome back to the Blogging from A to Z Challenge 2016!  This will be interesting and fun trying to interpret healing crystals and gemstones from Amethyst to Zircon with watercolors and create a neat sketchbook.

E is for Emerald

Emerald is associated with Mercury and the astrological sign of Cancer.   The harmonious emerald can help with balance, vision and headaches.

Palette Paints - Winsor Newton Viridian was perfect creating this emerald.  It is another one of my go-to colors.  Combine with Alizarin for a really nice black.  I also dropped in some Cobalt Turquoise.  If you are looking to create beautiful beachy water, try adding some of this to your bag of colors.

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dysfunctionalmind said...

Love, love your sketches, and the way you're interpreting the healing crystals.

[@samantha_rjsdr] from
Whimsical Compass