Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Tea for Tuesday - Higher Living

This week from Australia - Higher Living Cocoa and Chilli (not a typo)
Or - Sweet Chilli in the USA

I think this flavor may only be available in Australia, even though the bottom of the box says "Imported by Tenth Dot Business Development" (cute logo)...and "Only Natural Products" in --- SAN ANTONIO?!  Yes, 1045 Central Parkway North.  But made in the United Kingdom.
You can find the different label/name (same tea/ingredients) here.  I believe I have seen it in Whole Foods or Central Market.
Cool logos, the box tells the story

Size:  15 teabags
Caffeine:   No
Type of Tea:    Herbal
Steeping time: 4-5 minutes (I kept hitting the microwave power button instead of the timer button, sorta-kinda nuking my Girl Scout Thanks a Lot cookies.  Oops.
Mix ins:  Doesn't need anything.  In fact, when I added just pain 2% milk, it made it terrible.
Fragrance:  Slight chocolate fragrance
Ingredients:  Cocoa, licorice, chilli (15%), ginger, cinnamon, fennel, anise, black pepper, Bourbon vanilla, cardamom, cloves.
Opinion:   At first I thought it had stevia (thank you licorice and anise), as it tasted very sweet like stevia.  But the other flavors were muted.  I think I would make it again with two teabags.  It also brewed disconcertingly cloudy.  It did have a nice bit of spicy heat, which was kind of neat.  While it was cheap in Australia, I believe it is close to $5-6/box. Given the fact you may want to use two teabags, it puts it more on the expensive side here.  Bonus it is caffeine free and organic, so if you'd like a spicy pick me up in the afternoon, this would be good mug.
Rating: 2 (Goes to work with hubby

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