Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Watercolor Wednesday - Sheepish

Suffolk Sheep
13 3/4" x 10 1/4"
This was a lot of fun to paint.  Actually from a grainy black and white photocopy.
Good practice for painting from value sketches and notans. . .Reminding me to grab that sketchbook and preplan. . .and to paint it/have fun with different colors as long as you keep the value.  
And further proof in my art medium learning journey, it all starts to work together.

We were working on saving the white - this time with lots of frisket.  And discovering this cool little tool to use to remove it.  A rubber cement eraser.  No more hot fingers and fingertip blisters.  It looks/feels like the bottom of a crepe-soled shoe.

I did not use the frisket on the sheep, rather just the grass stalks and random areas and shapes.

The sheep was inspired by goats in a barn "Buckshot and Sparkplug"  in Judi Betts' book, "Watercolor: Let's Think About It"  wherein she saved a lot of white space and then added pops of color in the same value.  The important thing was to mute those saved areas to make the sheep stand out.   I think he does!

I seem to have a sheep theme going on here . . . And a considerable improvement/different style from last year's sheep flock.

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