Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Tea for Tuesday - Breakfast Time!

This week's Two Teas Tuesday from Australia - Breakfast Teas!

Dilmah and Daintee - English Breakfast Teas

The Daintee tea was part of a three pack gift set I found at the Australian Target store for AUS$15 and it included this very useful tea-bag tong.  Bonus!    I will be reviewing the other two teas next week.
Such pretty boxes, too!
Batting for the other team is Dilmah Exceptional English Breakfast Real Leaf Tea -

Let's do the comparison!

Being part of a gift set, there were only 10 tea bags.  But I now have a cool set of tea tongs and the boxes are very pretty.
First the sniff test - the teabag was nondescript.  No outstanding notes.  Once brewed, the tea had a slight smokey/tobacco-y scent.  Not overwhelming but distinct from the Dilmah.  But look! Inside is a Taylors English Breakfast Tea packet!
Dilmah is loose inside a foil sealed bag, and Daintee is individually wrapped Taylors?!
Taylor's of Harrogate? Sweet!
Seriously, I need to wear my glasses - I see it on the box now
I am just in love with Dilmah Teas.  I tried it for the first time on Qantas, the hotel had a tea chest filled with different flavors. I was very excited to try their English Breakfast.  I tried the Dilmah first and actually said aloud, "I like that!"  The fragrance was tea-like and bright.  Almost fruitier compared to Daintee.

Here they are brewed side by side -
Slight intensity edge to the red colorwise to Daintee/Taylors on the right
Golden to Dilmah on the left
My final take - When I go back to Australia I'm grabbing the Dilmah!  Both were very good on their own.  But direct, sip-by-sip comparison - it's Dilmah.

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