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How to Clean Your Viking Husqvarna 1100 Sewing Machine

This was originally my comment to a post I had about threading your Viking Husqvarna 1100 sewing machine.  Because of all the recent visits to my blog about this wonderful machine, I thought I would make this easier to find.  Thanks for visiting and happy sewing! ~ Peggy

Did you just find/receive/pull out of the closet a Viking Husqvarna 1100 sewing machine?!
Hooray for you!

First of all --

I would recommend taking it to a Husqvarna Viking dealer for a thorough cleaning and tune up. It will be money well spent.

Once that is done, all you will need to do is very minor housekeeping to keep you and your machine happy.

If you find your bobbin empty indicator/beeper is not working, you may need to clean the lint from the bobbin shuttle area. That is really the only part of the machine that I clean. Or we should clean. Honestly, I have only had it professionally cleaned and tuned-up by my dealer twice maybe since I purchased it. This machine is a champ!

However, I do have some advice for cleaning the bobbin/feeddog area.

First, a magnetic screwdriver will help. Do I follow this and have one, no. It would make this all easier, however. : D

That being aside, follow along with me here!

1) disconnect the power cords, both from the machine and the outlet.

2) drop the feeddogs and wiggle the stitch plate up and back to remove.

3) look inside and exclaim your favorite four-letter word. All that lint! Bits of thread! This is what is blocking the light from above going through the stitch plate opening to the bobbin sensor.

4) I use a couple/several Q-tips to grab the lint I can see.

At this point, this is what you should try to do after each sewing project. Or even every time you change your needle. This may be enough to get your bobbin indicator working again.

However, depending how often you use your machine, you need to be able to reach a bit further to grab the other bits of fuzz.

5) Tip your machine back. I lean it against something soft so it is secure.

6) Remove the bobbin case

7) See any lint? Take a moment to Q-tip that away.

8) Take a picture of how everything looks.

9) Now remove the screws. Keep the left one left and the right one right.

10) Now remove the shuttle assembly, aha! More lint! Q-tip that away.

11) Just like the Q-tip package and your Momma says, do not blindingly jab the Q-tip around...or squirt pressurized air. That can only push it further away and end up costing you mental and fiscal anguish later.

12) Reassemble the shuttle, re-screw the screws. I suggest evenly/alternating screwing them back in -- left, right, left, right. Now if you find the screws don't sit all the way back in, loosen and start again. But perhaps jiggling the assembly a little so the screw sits straight and true into the hole. Do not over tighten. Refer back to your photo to see how far they sat in.

13) Put a little drop of oil on the bobbin pin and replace the bobbin case.

14) Right up your machine.

15) Replace your stitch plate

16) Re-engage your feeddogs.

17) Power up and sew on!


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