Thursday, April 09, 2015

Thursday Tea Time - Happy Tasting!*

This week - Lahaha South Bay Coconut Peony White Tea

Cost:  $8.99 at Central Market
Number of tea bags: 12
Caffeine:  Yes
Type of tea:   White
Steeping time:  4 minutes
Mix ins:  Nothing needed.  Perhaps ice if you want to make a terrific iced tea with this.
Fragrance:   Floral-light coconut.
Opinion:   While a little on the pricey side, the box says the tea bag can be rebrewed up to to more times.  This is a nice, not-in-your-face coconut tea.  Light but still flavorful.  I like that you don't need to add anything else to your cup, it is perfect as is.  *Lahaha means "Happy Tasting"
Rating:  4.5

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