Friday, April 24, 2015

Palm Beach State of Crazy Mind

I'm surprised they didn't grab this!
Probably because it looked more like a garden hedge instead of palm tree!
Seriously Target? You had 15 exclusive print designs...
Monday morning, this was all that was left of the heralded Lilly Pulitzer for Target collection.  Excuse me, #LillyForTarget
By Tuesday, the sign was taken down.
The hashtag still lives on to taunt.

The mug set caught my eye, albeit a bit pricey at $30, still could have been cool.  And being able to display on the counter next to the Keurig?  Bonus!  Move over bag of Trader Joe's Classic Potato Chips (*which might I add are the yummiest chips ever?!)

*If I had the Nosie Posey scarf
I could have
sang its praises better
Early imprinting

Or the head/hat/purse/totebag/hand-holding-singing scarf.  I do so love my scarves.

The $35 set of four plates?  Honestly, I have enough mismatched plates as it is.  Lilly and I are very on-trend!  On second thought, $35 spent at Costco for yet another dinnerware box of 4 place settings of two sizes of dishes, bowls and 4 not-quite-as-Lilly-colorful mugs included would probably be a fiscally sounder purchase.  Runners-up for consideration might be a lipstick or a nail polish for the "Funsies Under $10 category, Alex."

The print designs are pretty and colorful, but not all dead-giveaway Lilly-ish.   So I'm not crying myself to sleep over the missed spending opportunity.

I certainly would not have been dragging the hammock set through the parking lot!  But obviously,  people did.  (Thank you to those thinking they would not have put that past me)

Target should know by now their special designer collections will be popular and in high demand, and should plan ahead to have enough merchandise stocked and available, instead of fueling the frenzy of crazy.

Sigh.  Was it silky, too?  Please don't tell me.
What could taste better on these plates?!

Nice design kudos!
Pulitzer Prized Pink?

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