Thursday, April 23, 2015

Thursday Tea Time - Pays to check out the Target Easter aisles

This week - Celestial Seasonings Chocolate Caramel Herbal Tea and Red Velvet Rooibos Tea

Cost:  $4.99 at Target, $2.49 on clearance if you can find it.  $6.99
Number of tea bags: 20
Caffeine:  No
Type of tea:   Herbal / Rooibos
Steeping time:  5 minutes
Mix ins:  Cream or Natural Bliss.
Fragrance:   Like salted caramel!  And cream cheese frosted red velvet cake!
Ingredients:  Chocolate Caramel - Roasted Carob, Roasted Chicory, Natural Chocolate and Caramel Flavors with other Natural Flavors, Milk Thistle, Cinnamon and Sea Salt.

Red Velvet - Rooibos and Natural Red Velvet Flavor with Other Natural Flavors.

Opinion:   At first I was attracted by the tin/box (of course!) -- which is a great size and measures 6" x 2 3/4" x 3 3/4" -- and hadn't much hope for the flavor, but I was surprised.  It wasn't too sweet and had a nice balance.  I didn't really taste the chocolate as much as I did the caramel.   However, I can practically smell and taste the cream cheese frosting of a red velvet cake.  They really nailed it!.
Both make for a great after-dinner tea.  And yes, I did find these on the aisle end cap in Target's Easter section!    But good news!  You can still buy both online - click here  And as of yesterday, I saw the Chocolate Caramel on the grocery clearance shelves for $2.49.
Rating:  3.75 (Chocolate Caramel and 4.25 (Red Velvet)

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