Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Watercolor Wednesday Waiting - Out to the Jury ... The Jury is Back!

I submitted this painting to the Galveston Art League Spring Juried Show on Monday.  My first juried show entry!

Dewberry Blossom
5" x 7"

I "painted" it with a glob of this in a water container.

Richeson Casein - "Ivory Black"

Masking off a 5" x 7" area and using a photo I had taken of a dewberry flower from last year along Oyster Creek as inspiration -- I cut out the shapes of the petals with artists' tape to keep the white and contrast.  Then with a large flat brush, I wetted the paper with the Ivory Black casein wash.

I used a carving tool to scratch out the design of the leaves while the paper was still wet.  Where I applied pressure on the paper, it darkened.  Cool!  I wanted the leaves to stand out more, so I let it dry and then dipped my watercolor brush into the paint wash container and painted around the outside leaves, and added a bit of shading to the petals.  Then for just a bit of color, I brushed some Naples Yellow in the center of the flower and dotted some of the Ivory Black Casein straight from the tube for added value.

Wish me luck!

UPDATE 4-30-15 -  It was accepted!! : D

Rubus trivialis
A beautiful bloom and a tasty berry!
(And a watercolor inspiration)

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