Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Wednesday Work In Progress

A much nicer view from the hallway! I started here and just worked my way around the room, going through everything. Knowing it was going a good cause (a local high school's Home Ec Department), made it much easier to part with items no longer needed or for creative road I am now traveling on.

This is the scene above my sewing machine. I got the colorful "Flags of Good Luck" from Paper Bear in San Marcos. I will do a more detailed post about the symbols and their meaning soon.
One step to the right. . .!

This was a flea market find. Before my button collection outgrew the smaller baby food jars, I did have them sorted by color/dye slot!

Thimble and sentimentals collection just behind the door.

I love all the colors and being able to incorporate my Liberty of London Target items from last year. The other night I was literally sitting on the floor, just looking around and just feeling very happy. I can't wait to see what fun projects my re-energization will help create.

All I need to do is sort the storage underneath the cutting table, which basically means refolding and rediscovering the fabric and putting in new storage venues. Suffice to say, I went a little crazy at The Container Store. And playing with my new Brother PT 2030 labeler -- and a package of Berry Pink/white letters on pink label tape!

I took a little break to make a little something for a new little one, too! This is my favorite new baby giftie to make. Even just winding the bobbins was very therapeutic and soothing. I am so glad to be back in the sewing chair again!

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