Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thursday Tea Time

This week - A cherry-rific two-fer! Wild Cherry and Cherry Vanilla Limited Edition teas from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf!

Cost: $8.20
Number of teabags: 20
Caffeine: Wild Cherry-Yes, Cherry Vanilla-No
Type of tea: Wild Cherry-Black, Cherry Vanilla-White and Green
Steeping time: Wild Cherry-5 minutes, Cherry Vanilla-3 minutes
Add ins: CBTL's Fat Free/Sugar Free Vanilla Powder
Teabag fragrance: Wild Cherry-Cherry Pie!, Cherry Vanilla-Cherry & Vanilla
Ingredients: Wild Cherry-Taiwan Black tea, diced mango, lily blossoms and natural flavors. Cherry Vanilla-China White tea, Taiwan green tea, natural flavors
Opinion: I was able to try the Wild Cherry as an iced tea latte in the store. It was so good, my daughter and I went back three times in three days! She loved it, too! The Cherry Vanilla is not sold by the beverage, so I had to wait to try when I got home. The result? I like them both, but trying to pick one over the other? No can do. The Wild Cherry is definitely stronger flavored and really has a cherry kick. The Cherry Vanilla is more subtle and the undercurrent of vanilla is a nice balance. I found two teabags of the Cherry Vanilla helped give it a stronger cherry flavor. I also think the Wild Cherry would be bold enough to stand up iced. On a whim, I combined both in my tea mug and swore I was drinking cherry pie a la mode! It helped to successfully fend off the temptation of the Whole Foods Vanilla Bean scone sitting in my microwave. Both the Wild Cherry and Cherry Vanilla are Limited Editions. (CBTL also carries "Cherry Blossom" year-round)
Rating: 4

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