Sunday, April 29, 2012

Coming Home

Mary Chapin Carpenter posted this on Facebook recently. Mary Oliver is the author. Here's hoping perhaps some of these words or the images which come to mind may be incorporated into one of her new songs.

and what we see is the world

that cannot cherish us

but which we cherish,

and what we see is our life

moving like that,

along the dark edges...

of everything — the headlights

like lanterns

sweeping the blackness —

believing in a thousand

fragile and unprovable things,

looking out for sorrow,

slowing down for happiness,

making all the right turns

right down to the thumping

barriers to the sea,

the swirling waves,

the narrow streets, the houses,

the past, the future,

the doorway that belongs

to you and me.

-from "Coming Home" by Mary Oliver

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becki-c said...

I would love to hear Mary sing this, it sounds like her.