Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thursday Tea Time - What a pair!

Pear, that is!  Two different pear teas, two different reviews.
This week -- Celestial Seasonings Perfectly Pear White Tea and
Zhena's Gypsy Biodynamic Caramelized Pear Green Tea

Cost:  Caramelized Pear $8.99 at World Market and Whole Foods
Perfectly Pear $2.49 at Whole Foods, also some grocery stores.
Number of teabags:  Caramelized Pear – 15
Perfectly Pear - 20                 
Caffeine:  Caramelized Pear – A little
Perfectly Pear – A little
Type of tea:  Caramelized Pear – Green
Perfectly Pear - White
Steeping time:  Caramelized Pear – 4 minutes
Perfectly Pear – 2 minutes
Add ins: A little bit of Stevia to Perfectly Pear to bring up the pear
Teabag fragrance:  Caramelized Pear – Pear and brown sugar
Perfectly Pear – Pear and vanilla
Ingredients:  Caramelized Pear – Organic:  Green tea, pear pieces, pear flavor, caramel flavor, marigold flowers.
Perfectly Pear  - White tea and natural pear and vanilla flavors
Opinion:  Caramelized Pear was a disappointment.  While the teabags smelled terrific, the brewed tea wasn’t up to expectation.  No caramel taste at all.  I actually thought it seemed a little bitter.   Perhaps because I just noticed the can had an expiration date of June 30 2011.  Someone here needs to go through her tea stash!
Perfectly Pear was a delight.  I think they improved the flavor from earlier versions reviewed by other blogs.  It had a very peary taste and flavor, which barely needed any sweetener, if at all.  This tastes great hot and refreshing as iced tea.
Rating:  Caramelized Pear – 0
Perfectly Pear – 3.75

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