Thursday, November 17, 2016

Thursday Tea Time - Well, Hello! Or G'day Houston!

Look what I found near the checkout counter at TJ Maxx!  For $4.99 a box.  Fifty teabags each.  You can find Australia in Houston (Sugar Land, specifically).  Check the TJ Maxx stores in your area.  This is super fresh tea, the best by date is July 19, 2019!

Madura Green Tea and Jasmine, Pure Assam and Green Tea & Jasmine.
(I left behind the boxes of Organic Black, Organic Green, Premium Blend, Earl Grey and English Breakfast)

I was glad to have the opportunity to try these flavors before going back to Australia, so I could see which I wanted to bring home and save room in my suitcase.  This TJM price is basically the same price, given the exchange rate...and not counting the airfare and 17 hours nonstop flying.

All nicely in a row inside the wrapper

Beautiful colors!

When I go back, I will definitely look for the Green Tea & Mint and the Assam - bonus if I can find it in the loose version.

The Assam surprised me, not bitter at all.  And when you added cream and sugar, it had a wonderful slightly fruity taste and great full bodied tea finish.  A whiff of the pre brewed teabag was smoky/tobacco.  Rating: 4

The Green Tea & Jasmine is nice, I would give it a 3.  Wonderful scent of jasmine as you sip, but an odd slightly acidic finish.   It does taste better plain.  When I opened the package it had a grassy, not floral fragrance.  I have so many Jasmine green teas, I wouldn't take up suitcase space to bring back more.

Now the Green Tea & Mint - I was surprised and happy it was peppermint and not spearmint.  Very versatile and drinkable throughout the year...A Christmas seasonal and sinus soothing peppermint, and refreshing iced in the summer.  It has a very pleasant minty finish.   Delicious plain and if you want to add a little cream and sugar, it will taste like a candy cane!  Rating:  4.1

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