Thursday, November 10, 2016

Thursday Tea Time - Stringed and Tagged - Yorkshire Tea

More from my collection of Australian teas --
Taylor's of Harrogate Yorkshire Tea - a rich and refreshing classic black tea box of 100 string and tag tea bags.  I just noticed that tag line, haha!

I love the colors and artwork on the box, too.

When you first open the box, you get a whiff of a slightly astringent, yet hello there tea fragrance.  It brews to a gorgeous chestnut color and has a traditional earthy tea scent.
Ahhh, welcome home tea!
A good basic tea when you don't want the fuss or muss of flavored combination teas.  Just a good body, good flavor, nice aftertaste, all purpose tea.

I suggest drinking this with cream and sugar (fat free half & half and Splenda).  The sugar-free Italian cream makes it almost too sweet.
(My sugar/carb craving/sweetness desire and radar has dropped way down, thank goodness!  Stay with it those of you who are also trying to cut back your sugar and carb intake - it will happen to you, too.  God Bless my nutritionist.  And the wakeup call of getting my bloodwork down after last year's holidays - one of the dumbest smartest things I've ever done)

When I go back I will look for their other varieties...I do remember seeing some of them on the shelves.

Rating:  4.5 - Right on up there with Dilmah, Madura.  The Aussies and English sure know and love their teas!

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