Thursday, October 13, 2016

Thursday Tea Time - Getting ready for the Weekend in Monte Carlo

At least with a sip of this tea from Madame Flavour, another Australian tea.

Weekend in Monte Carlo, Tea No. 47 is an unusual blend of of Pekoe and Green Leaf Tea scented with spearmint and bergamot.  Didn't see that combination coming, did you?  A surprising and refreshing discovery, it tastes best plain -- you don't need to add anything.  I tried the Italian cream - it hid all the good flavors.  A packet of Splenda didn't work either.  Nope, just enjoy it hot from the pot.

It is a loose-leaf tea, with gorgeous, unbroken leaves unfurling into wonderful strands of flavor.  Just use a teaspoonful in your tea bag or infuser.  The fragrance is intoxicating and the taste is nothing like you've experienced before.

The well-designed box seals up nicely for storage, too.  I will definitely look for their additional flavor combinations next time I'm in Australia.  

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