Saturday, October 15, 2016

Art of Pumpkin

Hunab Ku - Mayan Galatic Butterfly
Also the logo for Hooked on Acupuncture

It's October and I like to paint a pumpkin of the logo for my favorite acupuncturist at "Hooked on Acupuncture" in Galveston.  This is my fourth one, and each year I like to try something different.  Of course, that means trying new art supply toys!

Faber-Castell PITT Artist Pen Big Brush in White 101 and Black 199

Good coverage, the white was really opaque.  Juicy ink for both, no pull up of color when going over a second time.  One drawback, especially on a pumpkin, the black will rub off a little bit if said pumpkin rolls around the back seat floor on the trip to Galveston.  A little touch-up and good as new. I did not use a protective sealant this time, experimenting with longevity.  The black also makes a great marker, as hubby discovered.   They are considered India Ink and are waterproof, and acid free.   Texas Art Supply carries them - the large in black and white, and smaller sizes in additional colors.  I highly recommend these...for pumpkins and other art projects.

Faber-Castell Texture Luxe in Silver

A few weeks ago, I found this at Hobby Lobby in the Clearance section for $5.39, originally priced at $8.95.  I saw it at Texas Art Supply in silver and other colors, so it is still a current item.  I can also vouch this works great on pumpkins.  It is an opaque acrylic paste and permanent, and you have the option to build up layers for texture.   I used my finger to apply (washes off skin easily) a moderately thin layer to add shimmer.  The package also says it is good for stenciling.  This is definitely another addition to my art supply stash to be used again, post-pumpkin.

Daniel Smith Luminescent Watercolors in Iridescent Gold

I'm getting my money's worth and fun from this color.  It also works great on a pumpkin!  I learned that watercolor straight out of the tube is considered "paste" - which I applied to the pumpkin with a brush without using water.  I liked the result.  The watercolor was the pinch hitter, for I originally planned to use a copper or bronze rubbing accent compound for the flames around the Mayan Butterfly design.  Alas, the pot had completely dried out, which I returned to the store for a refund.

Schneider XPress Fiber Tip Pen

One of my favorite writing pens, I used it to draw the design outline on the pumpkin.

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