Thursday, September 08, 2016

Thursday Tea Time - Twinings Classics Prince of Wales Tea

Still clearing the shelves of the teas I've accumulated and tucked away.  Here's an oldie but goodie from 2013.  I think I bought it at World Market.  FYI World Market has a good collection of Twinings teas, especially the seasonal ones -- Head's up for the Fall and Winter blends which should start appearing in the displays soon if not now already.

The Prince of Wales Tea was specifically created by Twinings for HRH The Prince of Wales in 1921, who later became King Edward VIII.   I thought I would still give this tea a chance, since I wanted to keep the metal tin.

Sealed for your protection
And I was surprised to see it was sealed inside.  So that gave me hope to try it.  It had a pleasant, slightly woodsy fragrance.  The tea leaves were a good size and not dusty bits.

It brewed to a pretty reddish brown.

For a label description which reads "Light Flavor Strength" (2 leaves out of 5), it was pretty strong.  That could be because I forgot to set the timer while I was going about fixing morning breakfast, but I would guesstimate it was probably 4 minutes, well within the recommended range of 3-5 minutes.  It had a nice beginning bite to it, but an astringent finish.  Even after adding creamer, I couldn't finish it.

I tried
I personally would rate this a 1 - not purchase it again, for I scored the tin to use for my art supplies.  You can't discount the fact it is also over 4 years old.  If you like a sour, slap you in the face tea, you may like this.

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