Thursday, September 15, 2016

Thursday Tea Time - Français Flagstaff

Oui, Earl Gray Français from Steep Leaf Lounge in Flagstaff, Arizona - (1 E. Aspen)

We stopped there last year and had this delicious Matcha tea latte and of course, picked up a few "souvenirs" of tea - including their highly recommended and fan favorite - "Earl Gray Français"  I'm not quite sure what makes it français-y, but this is one of the best Earl Gray teas I've had.  I didn't even add any creamer to it to turn into a London Fog.  It tasted too wonderful as it was!
This is most certainly a 5 star tea in my teapot!

I think what makes it "French" are the pretty blue cornflower petals.

Ingredients:  Black tea, organic oil of bergamot, organic cornflowers and natural flavors.
tastes as good as it looks!

A one ounce package was priced at $4.95.  Good news is you can order online and there is free shipping on tea!  This particular blend is sold in a 2 ounce ($8.95) or 4 ounce (1/4) for $15.95.  Definitely worth the investment.
And the trip to Flagstaff to check this place out in person.

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