Monday, September 05, 2016

P is for Palette

Inspired by watercolor artists extraordinaire Heidi Willis and Judi Betts, I decided to upgrade my palette.   I found it at Texas Art Supply.

Thirty-three wells!  And two rimmed mixing areas to make really juicy colors.   Before squeezing out the paints, I'm going to play around with the order and placement.  I still like my Jane Jones palette, but found it was getting crowded with the extra dabs of paint I was putting around the perimeter of the center mixing area, definitely limiting the space available to mix my colors.  And the palette itself a bit large and awkward to carry back and forth to classes and workshops.

 Free tube of Mijello Mission Gold in Burnt Sienna inside!
And what a nice surprise to find a free Burnt Sienna #564 7ml size tube of Mijello Mission Gold watercolor paint.    Definitely check around their website, there's even a page with product comparison videos.  Now I want to buy a tube of their Chinese White!  Look for an upcoming Burnt Sienna paint off soon.
I love to check the Hobby Lobby clearance section for my initial stickers.  There is usually the letter P left over.  P for Peggy, paint and palette!

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stillblooming said...

you will love it. I have two of them! I'm gonna take a look at the Jane Jones palette - don't have one of those!