Saturday, July 04, 2015

May the Fourth be with you!

I was down for the count the past couple of weeks, and missed posting my tea reviews.  To make up for it, here's four for the Fourth!
All of them are on sale at Central Market for only $1, so celebrate the USA and celebrate the savings.  It all started with a tea party, you know. . .

This week:  Lahaha Supreme Honey-Suckle Summer
Cost: $1, on sale.  Regular price $1.99 at Central Market.  Look for them on the rack near the freezer section.
Size:  15 tea bags
Caffeine:  No
Type of tea:   Herbal
Steeping time:  5-7 minutes
Mix ins:   None or just with a little bit of honey.
Fragrance:  Light floral
Ingredients:  Honeysuckle bud, honeysuckle flower
Opinion:   What a nice sweet treat for summer.  Not cloying or heavy-handed.  This is very soothing hot and delicious iced, too.  Relive the days of summer and enjoy the benefits of honeysuckle, which supposedly helps lower body fat, per the package.  Well, that would be a bonus, but the tea also tastes wonderful.  I also appreciate the minimal packaging.  And you can't beat the price right now!  There are still a few packages left (look on the bottom rack and also tucked behind another flavor on the middle rack).
Rating:  4.5
tag and string free!

Pretty honeysuckle yellow!

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