Saturday, July 25, 2015

Shuffle on - Number 4!

Pinkie the First

Well, on the positive side -- it is definitely an upgrade for the same price, 2 gig now from 1 gig.

iPod Shuffle #3, in Space Gray, is lost in outer (outside my purse) space somewhere.   There is a very remote chance it may be under my car seat when my purse tipped over.  That dark gray/silver makes it difficult to find in dark places, in and out of my purse.

Pinkie the First is definitely brighter and, for the win, has more space to load up audio books and podcasts for flying both in the pool and in the air.  But until then, it is staying grounded in a matchy Vera Bradley zip case.
Hooray for the Vera Bradley outlet in San Marcos!

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