Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Finally! But don't spiders have 8 legs?!

After two years, my spider lily (Hymenocallis Occidentalis) has begun to bloom!

I had purchased a leafy stalk/bulb, at what I thought was a pretty high price - $18.  Someone had brought them into a local garden shop to sell - right time, right place, right?  They were all raving about it.  

It had nice, shiny green leaves, but no blooms, so no clue as to how it would look, other than the promise the flowers would be white and spider-y.
Nothing the first year.
Nothing the second year.
It looked nice in the garden and seemed impervious to dismal drought conditions and the pests succumbing my other plants.  Just a very green leafy reminder of my frivolous fiscal folly.  
And finally, the third summer, hubby comes inside to announce a stalk of buds suddenly appeared! Hooray!  The teasing will stop and blooming commence!
This is what transpired over a 24-hour period.

Late in the afternoon before 6 PM

Bonus photobomb of anole lizard gecko!
Here it is less than two hours later, a little after 8 PM
But the next day. . .
Well, hello!
What a pretty center!

I'm more impressed now!
Perhaps all it needed was all the crazy rain we've been having, just like my rain lilies need the rain to bloom.   
And time and patience and taking a chance.  
Just as in life...and trying to garden in Texas, right?  

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