Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Time and Space

Last Friday, two of my painting buddies and I had a chance to attend a watercolor journaling workshop with Kathleen McElwaine.

She has a very interesting and unique painting technique, using water brushes and adding playful lines around the finished watercolor, and keeping some white space around the colors.  I also liked to hear about her ways to use a sketchbook journal, along with the importance of making time each day to paint and play.

Here is one of my first attempts trying to use a watercolor water brush.  I think by the time I worked around the petals, I was getting the hang of it, learning balancing the flow of water and paint distribution.   (Once I figured out you turn the brush counter-clockwise to put it together. . .) My Koi brush I used did not leak from above-the brush barrel as the Pentel ones I tried earlier.

Rain Lily
And of course, never letting an opportunity or a discount to get new toys, er, supplies, I bought a tube of Daniel Smith Lunar Black, a neat granulating black.  

Lunar Black
Daniel Smith watercolor

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