Thursday, June 18, 2015

Thursday Tea Time - It's Greek to me

This week - Anassa Organic Mint Tea  (click here for the English link)

Cost: $9.74, clearanced-priced from Central Market's Greek Festival
Size:  0.71 ounces, approximately 20 cups.
Caffeine:  No
Type of tea:   Herbal
Steeping time:  5-7 minutes
Mix ins:   None
Fragrance:  Mint
Ingredients:  Greek Mint (Mentha piperita)
Opinion:   Well-earned "Great Taste 2014" award.   I admit, I bought this tea for the tin and the cute Teumession Fox drawing.  I figured the tea would be bonus.  And it was!   It is very minty.  This is probably the mintiest tea I've ever had.  Even after the second brewing from the same tea bag.  The taste and flavor linger nicely behind in your mouth.   I had no idea mint had anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial  properties.   Per the English insert, mint is also used to strengthen the immune system and treat the discomfort and symptoms of upper-respiratory illnesses as a natural decongestant and expectorant, a remedy for digestive discomfort - knew that, and it may prove beneficial in reducing depression, relieving stress, tiredness and aiding in sleep deprivation and insomnia.  After reading all this, I drank two cups!  : ) I also like how it has its own tea bags (20) and brewing stick holders (6).   Maybe Central Market will bring this back if they have another Greek Festival next year.

Update 6-23-15 - Good news!  I was in Central Market the other day, and checked to see if perchance there may still be a few remaining tins.  Lo and behold, there were!  Along with the tag of "New Item" and the price raised to $12.99.  They have this tea, the Mountain Tea and Lemon Verbena.  Look for them on a rack near the coffee bean area, facing the cooler/freezer area. 

Update 7-3-15 - Even better news!  If you look by the regular racks of tea, you will also find this, and at the $9.74 price.  However, be alert when they are ringing it up, as it will come up as $12.99.  They will adjust and lower the price, at least they did today.

Rating:  5
Bonus photobomb of "Bill" the Anole lizard escaping the rain
from Tropical Storm Bill
He's between the screen and the sliding glass door,
not inside the house

1 gram

Brilliant!  It has its own tea bags
and stick holders

My, what big leaves you have!

Cool idea!

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