Thursday, June 02, 2016

Thursday Tea Time - Is it Breakfast time?

15 hours is a big time difference to adjust/readjust to, whether you are in Australia or back home in Texas.  T2's English Breakfast tea and the Fresh Ground Cafe helped me start my day in Australia (and all the different hot chocolates they made for my husband)

That little teapot kept the tea hot!

This was on our last morning - I think the barista is going to miss hubby!

...despite my waking up at 3:30 AM hungry, knowing they opened at 7 AM helped along with the peanut butter Fiber One Protein Bars I stashed in my suitcase...and upon my return needing caffeination to start and keep the day going.  I found and brought back these two boxes of Bushells tea.

Gorgeous color!

Love teabag tags with a conversation or saying or question

Love the directions!
(and I brewed it for 3 minutes)

A combination of these two yummy teas kept me fueled and awake during the days of jet lag.
Both of them had a nice, bright and clean taste and finish.  I give them both a 10, share the brand, share a cuppa!

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