Monday, June 20, 2016

Netflix Stars - Brooklyn -- The book must be/has to be better than the movie!

2 stars - Not a good sign when you stop the movie three times to take cell phone calls and text a friend.  Very slowly paced, I kept waiting for me to get hooked into it because of all the "You are going to love this movie" from my friends.  The best part of the movie was the ending.  No, not because it was over, but for the lines. Definitely a sign to read the book first.  On the positive, I did not know the Catholic Church sponsored the Irish to come to America, particularly Brooklyn.  And the costuming was well done.  I will try reading the book to see if it fleshes out Saoirse Ronan's character beyond a far off stare and deepening the rest of the glossed-over characters.

Evidently someone else thought the same and pinned this on Pinterest --

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stillblooming said...

OH my gosh! I absolutely loved it!!! hahaha