Saturday, June 18, 2016

Netflix Stars - Big Eyes

3.5 stars, though I gave it 4 on my Netflix just so I might be able to be directed to other art based on true events DVDs.  An interesting behind-the-scenes disclosure of the iconic Big Eye art from the early 60's I remember seeing as the background of my childhood.  Honestly, I felt they were creepy then and now.  And so is Christophe Waltz, whom I'm afraid is getting typecast into these type of roles.  Absolutely no chemistry between him and Amy Adams.  Though I did think Amy Adams nailed her role.  It was an easy indoor entertainment to beat the heat outside.  If it is in your queue or in your stack of at home DVDs, pop it in and enjoy seeing the big picture.

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stillblooming said...

I absolutely loved this one too!