Wednesday, June 01, 2016

17 hours, three movies...Are we there yet?

Almost 17 hours nonstop from Dallas to Sydney and back leaves a lot of time to get caught up on movies.  Thank goodness Qantas has a great selection and some aren't even available on Netflix or Rebox yet.  Also good to know if you are flying Qantas, they do change up the movies offered outbound and inbound.  Featuring two of Australia's most easy-on-the-eyes gentlemen, here's three I watched --

Eddie the Eagle

I actually watched this over my husband's shoulder.  A feel good movie about Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards' life leading up to representing Great Britain in the 1988 Olympics.  Hugh Jackman is also in this movie, and looking fine.

The Dressmaker

Kind of a dark comedy about revenge with Kate Winslet perfectly on point with her clothes and makeup.   It was set in early 1950's Australia.   Liam Hemsworth was most definitely engaging, also.  If you love to sew, this is the movie for you to watch.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Ugh, I kept hoping this would get better.  Based on Kim Barker's experiences in Afghanistan. Tina Fey needs to stick to comedy.  This had a few somewhat forced moments, but it wasn't that great.  I kept watching hoping it would get better.  And I did have time to waste on it.  Off queue and off the plane, pass.

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