Sunday, May 15, 2016

Any Day is Tea Time - Red, Green, Blue - Vanilla!

With all my traveling, my tea pots and posts have gotten behind.  So set the kettle on, drink up and read my latest finds!

T2 Red Green Vanilla and Blue Mountain

Red Green Vanilla

Ingredients:  Green rooibos, artificial flavor

Fragrance:  True earthy vanilla

Brewing time:  5 minutes

Opinion:  Quite possibility the best rooibos tea I have ever had!  Seriously.  Beautiful golden color, with a delicious vanilla flavor without that annoying rooibos taste.  Tastes better plain, but also good with the Italian Cream coffee mate, too. You can detect the flavor better without it, however.   A great way to get your antioxidants.

Rating:  5+  Once I enter the store, I am heading right towards this!  In fact I even started an iPhone Note T2 shopping list and Red Vanilla is right at the top.  Might even buy this 250g collector's container tin!

Blue Mountain

Ingredients:  Black tea, cornflower petals, natural and artificial flavor

Fragrance:  Fruity sweet vanilla

Brewing time:  3 minutes

Opinion:  I was told this is one of their classic, best seller and customer favorite teas, and I can see why.  Literally, the blue cornflower petals against the velvet black tea made me want to break out my watercolors.  Once brewed, it has a vanilla tea fragrance with a subtle vanilla aftertaste.  Adding a little bit of the Italian Cream made it more sweeter and more vanilla-y.

T2 really does vanilla well without it being cloying and artificial.

Rating:  4.75  Just because I can't keep giving out perfect scores all the time and in this case and match-up, the Red Green Vanilla swept the game.

Ah, but Round 2 - combine Blue Mountain with Just Lavender - 2 teaspoons Blue Mountain with one teaspoon Just Lavender.  Just heavenly!

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