Monday, May 16, 2016

Any Day is Tea Time - Jazzed

With all my traveling, my tea pots and posts have gotten behind.  So set the kettle on, drink up and read my latest finds!

Tears of Seaweed? Or a Mermaid?

Evidently my little collector's tin was a bargain and collectible as I do not find it on their website anymore.  It was the most fragrant jasmine tea I had ever smelled  and I liked inhaling the scent as I sipped - definitely a delicate tea to enjoy, comfort, recenter and refocus.  Would I buy this again?  No, because there are so many other jasmine teas out there, but this tin concept would make a great gift.  I'm hoping to find and try more of their tin'd teas.

Dilmah Exceptional Fragrant Jasmine Green Tea

(Note this is a link to the USA website)

This one didn't seem quite as flowery and more tea-y with the green tea instead of straight jasmine blooms.  It also had a shorter brewing time - 2 minutes compared to the 10 minutes for the buds.  While it has a nice fragrance, the flavor is not as strong and pretty weak.  Rather unexceptional.

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