Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Watercolor Wednesday - Move over, Purple

Eggplants and Banana Peppers
9" x 13"
This is one of those paintings wherein the camera does not do it justice...Despite photographing outside, inside, different lighting, etc.  The background is really Cerulean Blue, the eggplants more purple, and their highlights blue-er.

That was the point of this class project.  Learning that cool colors can come forward.  Using split complements. (And that yellow/green/purple do not have to be Mardi Gras colors.)   Practicing working more wet-in-wet, particularly with the eggplants and dropping in reflected highlights.   And watching how mixing the yellow opaques will push away the color underneath.  Very, very cool!
I was very happy with what I did -- building upon using what I already knew and combining it with what I learned that day.  And how it is all starting to click.

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