Saturday, May 23, 2015

Garden Update - Raspberries!

Evidently we are growing a new strain of Moonflower,
evidenced by the purple veins and stems
in the lower right corner 
I love to poke around the yellow-tagged Clearance/Reduced plant racks at Lowes -- and today I scored two Canby Red Rubus Idaeus raspberry containers marked down to $8.49.    Per the label we can train it to grow along the fence and/or in the space recently vacated by our hacked-down 50 foot Hackberry tree.  Even if we have to fight off the birds and squirrels as we do for the dewberries, it will make for very attractive landscaping.  And who knows, with a little help from the birds and the bees, we may even come up with a new berry, the Dazzle Berry!

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