Thursday, May 28, 2015

Thursday Tea Time - Another visit to The Steeping Room! Cocoa Spice Pu-erh

This week - The Steeping Room Cocoa Spice Pu-erh  

Cost: $8 for 2 ounce
Caffeine:  Yes, medium
Type of tea:   Pu-erh
Steeping time:  3 minutes
Mix ins:   Plain or just a little bit of honey  Honestly, this is really sweet enough to drink as is.
Fragrance:   sweet chocolate and coconut
Ingredients: All Organic - pu-erh, cocoa nibs, dandelion root, yerba mate', coconut, long pepper, cardamom, vanilla.
Opinion:    I had read about this tea in The Steeping Room restaurant reviews, wherein it was the accompaniment tea.   I don't know how I overlooked this in the sales display -- it has everything that rings my bells - Cocoa, coconut, chai, yerba mate, vanilla.   And it it does!  I had brewed mug and got distracted, so I poured it plain over ice for iced tea - WOW!   Hot, I like it with a little splash of Califia Vanilla Almond Milk and just a little bit of honey.  (Those seeds Clint at Hooked on Acupuncture put in my ears to help reset carb and sugar cravings really, really work!).  It has a nice chocolate flavor and then gives you a warming kick...And a nice buzz for awhile.  A tea to enjoy in the present and to get things done later!
Rating:  4.50

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