Monday, January 28, 2013

Garden Update

Just added!  Indian Hawthorn - with bonus berry to to the right!
Here is my garden's progress to spring as of yesterday.  (and today -- I just added the Indian Hawthorn picture!) With our crazy warmer weather lately, the Celeste fig is starting to bud...the Carolina Jessamine is beginning its yellow profusion of blooms outside my sewing studio windo, and the paperwhites are making good progress from earlier benign neglect.

This is my first time growing paperwhites.  I bought the bulbs back in November, thinking I would force bloom them for Christmas, as I've seen and coveted in magazines.  But I forgot and then found where I put them.  They had started to sprout in the darkness under the pouch bags of tea (what possessed me, or whom shall remain nameless, to "hide" there?!), so I decided what the heck to plant them a few weeks ago.  Dirt is is a good medium besides a wire basket!
Celeste Fig
Carolina Jessamine


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