Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Do Drop In!

If you are also on Blogger or another blog platform, I found and love and have really been using and appreciating the Dropbox app!

So helpful and timesaving coordinating photos taken with my Android phone to Mollie Mac and my iPad - I used to just email them to myself and then download (hoping for a fast connection at home or having to hit the road in search of). Now I send them from my cellie camera to Dropbox and then move over to iPhoto and edit.  No more waiting for the email to arrive.  No more extra steps.  Just dropping in this tidbit to you!


Monica said...

I put my iPad photos into photostream and then to blog and they are then added to Picasa. My PC syncs some stuff to photostream but never look at it long enough to see if it is there. My camera I could down load to iPad but I down load to PC as it is easier to write blog from there. now they fixed the internet i may see if Blogsy is any easier..

becki-c said...

I really need this, I have been struggling with ways to get great shots and get them out there. I now have an iPhone 4s issued by work and it takes better pics than my android.