Friday, January 04, 2013

Friday Flowers - Lavender's spikes, diddle, diddle...

"Lavender's blue, diddle, diddle" --
So goes the song:
All around her bush, diddle, diddle,
Butterflies throng;
(They love her well, diddle, diddle,
So do the bees;)
While she herself, diddle, diddle,
Sways in the breeze!

"Lavender's blue, diddle, diddle,
Lavender's green";
She'll scent the clothes, diddle, diddle,
Put away clean --
Clean from the wash, diddle, diddle,
Hanky and sheet;
Lavender's spikes, diddle, diddle,
Make them all sweet!

Potted lavender from Trader Joe's -- Only $5.99!  It is now in my side garden off the kitchen, still blooming!

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