Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thursday Tea Time

This week - Bigelow Pomegranate Black Tea
Cost: $2.49 at Kroger and HEB
Number of teabags: 20
Caffeine:  Yes
Type of tea:  Black
Steeping time: 1-2, I did 3 minutes
Add ins:  CBTL's Fat free/Sugar free Vanilla powder.  Also with just a touch of Stevia.  All good.
Teabag fragrance: Indiscriminate yummy fruity.
Ingredients: Black tea, natural apple and pomegranate flavors, licorice root, hibiscus, rose hips and pomegranate peel.
Opinion:  I needed an afternoon pick me up, and herbal/green/white teas were not going to cut it.  This definitely helped.  It is a little unusual to find pomegranate and black tea together.  Good thing I found this.   The apple flavor mellowed the pomegranate so it wasn't so "pomegranate-y" and the licorice provided a nice kick to boost the caffeine re-energization to carry on with the rest of the day.  Plus you get the bonus of the pomegranate's current super fruit status.  All good.
Rating: 3.75

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