Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wednesday Work In Progress

New posting series! I thought I would try to start and keep the sewing and creating mojo going by posting what I am doing on Wednesdays. Who knows what will be pictured and featured each week?!

I have been busy reorganizing and redoing my sewing room the past several weeks. I have just about finished the perimeter - just the drawers of the sewing desk left to do. The stacks of TupperMaid containers of fabric are still in the corner, but now I found a way to hide their plasticity -- With my Target Liberty of London scarves! I needed something to hold them in place -- looked around and grabbed one of my white button jars. I didn't like the way the brass jar lid stuck out, so I hot-glued some of the buttons around the edge.
Pretty and functional!

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Monica said...

Great news peggy. i am dying to see what you are making and feel sure you will give a few fancy sewing bloggers the run!