Sunday, March 18, 2012

Netflix Stars - What's Your Number, Hugo and In Time

What's Your Number? 3.75 stars - A cute movie for a rainy day. There's a lot of "I've seen that star before, wasn't he/she in...?!"

Hugo 5+ stars - We all loved this movie. Charming and delightful, suitable for everyone, any age. I can, and you will, too, definitely see how this won all its Oscars and awards.

In Time 2.5 stars - Interesting idea, but too long and draggy. Haha - it seemed to take too much time.

I hate to say it, but I got these three movies from Redbox. All were in perfect, playable condition and we saved time (and money!) over Netflix. Only $1.30 a night. While Netflix has more variety, "Short Wait" and "Long Wait"s don't cut it when Redbox has the current just-released movies right there, right here, right now. And they have an app to reserve and locate the DVD's. Plus free coupons! The only drawback is not all Redboxes have all the movies. But for the popular quick selections, you can't beat having another DVD rental option available.

Sorry Netflix -I still love ya and want to keep you around, but I'll probably drop down my current plan.

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