Monday, June 02, 2008

German-Style Hamburgers

German-Style Hamburgers from the November/December 2004 issue of Quick Cooking. In fact, the recipe is from the same person who made the Cherry Cheesecake Cookies (Cream Cheese Delights)

Yes, you can tell I am still clearing out years of Taste of Home, Quick Cooking and Light and Tasty magazines. Seriously, I cannot just donate to the library en masse, I'm finding a bunch of good ones to try first. I truly think the recipes and the variety were so much better than the current issue offerings. I'm discovering at least 10 from each issue instead of just 2-3 or even none from the recent ones.

My 25 cent (!) hamburgers (from the $1/pound Target special!) turned out great! I cooked them on my Cuisinart Griddler. At first, the family was skeptical as was I - shredded hash browns? But you can hardly tell they are in there, and the blondes even split the fourth one.