Monday, June 09, 2008

Burda 7966 View B - Circus Capris

Let's just say Burda 7966 may be better suited for the shorts view. Before I made the longer version, I wanted to check the fit first with less fabric capris in View B.
T said, "These look like circus pants!" Uh, back up the train there - "You think these are clown pants?" "No, circus pants" Okaaay. "Well, they look very patriotic," he offered, realizing he is on the couch and I am standing in the way of a quick exit, verbally and physically. L is rolling on the floor, speechless with laughter.

It may have been the length - I sewed them as is out of the envelope, not a flattering length on me and they looked longer on the model. Maybe she has short legs? Or perhaps the fabric - which was a striped pleat-y cotton with some body, probably meant for shirting fabric instead.