Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Tea for Tuesday - T2 - Melbourne Breakfast

This is one of the few times I literally put down the tea cup mug and ran to the computer to do a review!  T2's Melbourne Breakfast is definitely a Breakfast Tea to get you started on a tea-riffic day.
Seriously, I would wake up earlier knowing this tea is waiting.

Good things come in small packages and boxes.

This is not a funny-colored nickel!
(And $2 coins.  Who knew?  I didn't.  A pocketful of change in Australia is definitely worth more than a similar-sized amount in the US.)

Remember my earlier post about needing to purchase a suitcase for all the tea I bought?

This place, T2, was one of the reasons.


Even more options!
(And my dinner partner, who when she discovered I loved tea also, asked if I had been to T2, and that I would love it.

Whilst others were walking about Westfield Bondi Junction Mall with their brightly-colored orange shopping bags full of tea, I was pulling a suitcase!  Basically because of this place.

So I thought I would dedicate the next several Tuesdays as T2 Tuesdays.  Because, well.  I bought a lot. (really deep way understatement.  And the Australian dollar was in my favor, so I'm thinking, "25% off sale"!  And I got that cool purple Australian Luggage suitcase to bring back and reload with more tea.)
We are talking weeks/even months here, people.  
And if you think Teavana is nirvana?  Not even close to T2.

Anyways, on to the review (and to planning a return trip to Australia and this place!  And a hotel which has an electric tea kettle and a tea chest in each room)

This week - T2 Tea Melbourne Breakfast
a little banged up from transit

Price:  $13.50 US (Yes!  You can order this online in the United States!  Or travel to their Soho and Brooklyn stores)
Size:  25 teabags
Caffeine:   Yes
Type of Tea:    Black
Steeping time: 4 minutes
Mix ins:  Tastes wonderful on its own, but really dances with a splash of milk/Natural Bliss. Or Fat Free Half and Half.  
Fragrance:  Vanilla, malty, Vanilla.  Did I say Vanilla?
Ingredients:  Black tea, natural and artificial vanilla flavor
Opinion:   This was actually the first tea I sample smelled when I entered the Sydney store.  Very helpful and nice sales associates.   I thought Numi and Mighty Leaf Vanilla Bean teas were the ultimate vanilla - move over, y'all.  You inhale and exhale vanilla with each sip of Melbourne Breakfast.
Rating: 5+++, my the Best I've Ever Tasted rating

Sealed inside

Gorgeous color
Incredible flavor!

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