Sunday, February 07, 2016

Going Kondo

It all started with this book I picked up at Target, Marie Kondo's "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up"...

then clearing out a few drawers...

to a totally needed studio makeover!

It is now actually a room I can go into and create instead of a dumping ground/storage unit.  It felt great to release and donate all this stuff to go on to bless others who need it now instead of me keeping it around for a someday.

First trip - 167 pounds!
Second Mile weighs their donations - after several trips, I easily topped over 600 pounds of patterns,
fabric, books, notions, furniture, a lamp, vintage clothing, quilting and craft supplies. . .

Last round of bins filled with quilting and seasonal/holiday fabrics

Here's one of the shelves'  space vacated. . .
Now I can actually browse my bookshelves!
(with space to expand)
One library still accepts magazines - there went the Stampington, Mollie Makes and Martha Stewart Living magazines. . .that should net some serious cash for the Friends of the Library at $1-$2 each.

One of several stacks and several trips!
We donated books undercover of the night in the Book Return at one library, bagfuls and handfuls at a time.   Another library branch was delighted to accept even more books.   The book donations spanned two different counties, three different cities!  Four books went to readers out-of-state!
Just what fit in this camera frame!
Inside edition - Cupboard space!
Walk-in closet you can actually walk into!
Valentine's Day decorated machines on display
Everything neatly stored in sewing baskets and boxes!
(The pink on the left is "vintage" as it was given to me when I was 7!)
What a difference!

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