Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Trip Value

Value as in practicing my value sketching on the go!

The Strathmore Toned Gray sketch book already adds the middle value.  The black is Winsor & Newton Ivory Black and the white is Winsor & Newton Titanium White watercolors "blobbed" inside a Trader Joe's Gingermints tin.  Toss in my favorite 6F pencils, art gum eraser and a couple of size 6/8 brushes, and I'm good to go.

It's portable and easy to carry in case I'm ever in a place without my computer/wifi, my eyes are blurry and crossing from looking at/using my phone...or have a moment to sketch out ideas for an upcoming watercolor blog series.
(stay tuned!)

I'm trying to get better about doing value sketches or just doing more daily sketching.  Having the materials* at hand with me will help!  And besides, I like things ready to-go for those planned and unplanned moments of time.
(*Inside Ziplocs.  Huge, huge fan of the Ziploc, I buy them at Costco.  I have things Ziploc-ed inside another Ziploc.)
Thank you, imprinting from Girl Scout overnight camping.

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