Thursday, February 14, 2013

Thursday Tea Time

This week -- Sterling Tea "Winter Warmth" and "Mint Kiss"  I thought the packets and the flavors and the names looked and sounded very Valentine-y!

Cost:  1 ounce $4.99 at Central Market, 2 ounces $8 online (Mint Kiss only)
Caffeine:  Winter Warmth-yes, Mint Kiss, no
Type of tea:   Winter Warmth-Black and Red, Mint Kiss-Red
Steeping time:  5-7 minutes
Add ins:  Natural Bliss helped bring out the chocolate-yness in both very nicely!
Tea fragrance:  Winter Warmth-Clove, fruity, chocolate
Mint Kiss-Minty
Ingredients:  Winter Warmth-Organic rooibos, black tea, cinnamon chips, cloves, ginger pieces, apple piers, cinnamon, cacao bits, cardamon, mint, licorice root, natural flavors
Mint Kiss-Organic roobios, peppermint, natural flavoring
Opinion:  I liked Winter Warmth a little bit better, maybe because it had so much going on and such an interesting blend of ingredients.  Unfortunately, it is/was a holiday seasonal tea, but I think still drinkable until that A/C clicks on here.  Mint Kiss was not as chocolatey as I would have thought or liked.  And straight Roobios tea has a distinct flavor.
Rating: Winter Warmth-3.75 only because of the Roobios, had it been straight black tea, it would have rated higher.  Mint Kiss-3  Could have been chocolatier and mintier.

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