Thursday, February 07, 2013

Thursday Tea Time

This week,  Souvenirs from St. Augustine - The Spice & Tea Exchange

Cost:  Two of the three were specialty holiday teas - the Limited Edition Teas the Season Gingerbread Spice and Cinnamon Plum.  However, my favorite is still available online, Coconut Oolong 1 ounce for $4.89, along with the Cinnamon Plum.
Caffeine:  Gingerbread Spice - No, Cinnamon Plum - No, Coconut Oolong - Yes
Type of tea:   Gingerbread Spice and Cinnamon Plum - Herbal.  Coconut Oolong - is, uh, oolong.
Steeping time:  5 minutes
Add ins:  Oh boy, see the results.  All three teas tasted just fine without any add-ins.  But the Coconut Oolong was kicked up a notch with the Natural Bliss.
Tea fragrance:  Gingerbread Spice - clove, Cinnamon Plum - cinnamon/fruity, Coconut Oolong - omg! Coconut!
Ingredients:  Gingerbread Spice:  Lapacho, vanilla, ginger.  Cinnamon Plum:  Cinnamon, hibiscus, currants, plum, licorice root, natural plum flavor.  Coconut Oolong:  Bao Zhong oolong, coconut flavor.
Opinion: The lapacho/Gingerbread Spice was interesting - it looked like twigs. Smelled great. Didn't brew very strongly.  I think that could have been a good thing, after I Googled lapacho tea.  Sounds like the jury is still out on it.  But it tasted good and as long I as don't overdo, I will still enjoy it.
Pretty in pink!  Pretty awful in mouth!

The Cinnamon Plum brewed to a beautiful color, as you can tell.  I may just use it in the craft room, too!  I bet it would taste great iced.  Evidently it does not play well with
creamer/milk addins!

Cinnamon Plum - Pretty!

Coconut Oolong

The Coconut Oolong was my favorite!  It tasted just like the tea I got at the Tea Lounge in South Austin, albeit minus the tapioca balls.  Very coconutty!  I loved it!  With or without the Natural Bliss.
Rating: Gingerbread Spice - 2.5, just because they Googled side effects and articles were a little unnerving.  Cinnamon Plum 3 - I'm not really a huge fan of hibiscus.  But maybe iced with a little sugar to finish it out. . .Coconut Oolong - 5!  Yup!  That will be a reorder...or another trip to St. Augustine.  I loved that city!

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