Thursday, December 20, 2012

Thursday Tea Time - CBTL Holiday Trio Teas

This week, three of Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's holiday tea canisters!
Winter Fruit Tea, Caramel Cream Rooibos and Apple Cider Tea

Cost:   $3.95 each at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf retail stores and online.
Number of teabags:  5
Caffeine:  Winter Fruit -Yes (a little)
Caramel Cream - No, Apple Cider -Yes
Type of tea:   Winter Fruit - Green, Caramel Cream - Rooibos/Red/Herbal, Apple Cider - Ceylon Black
Steeping time:  3, 7, 5 minutes
Add ins:  All taste great with the Natural Bliss, though the Apple Cider can stand alone.  But with the Natural Bliss, it tastes like apple pie a la mode!
Tea fragrance:  Winter Fruit - pomegranate/fruity, Caramel Cream - caramels, vanilla, honey, Apple Cider - apples and ginger
Ingredients:  Winter Fruit - Taiwan green tea, CARROTS (!), pomegranate flower and natural flavors, Caramel Cream - South African rooibos, natural caramel essences, marigold flower, Apple Cider - Ceylon black tea, apple bits, tea blossoms and natural flavors
Opinion:  Winter Fruit - To be honest, y'all knew I picked up this one because of the carrots, right?!  But surprisingly, you really don't taste carrots.  It brewed very, very lightly, almost to the point, did I forget to put the teabag in the Keurig holder.  Even after keeping the tea bag in an extra 2 minutes it stayed pale, but still yummy.  Caramel Cream - Oh my goodness, they need to make the larger quantity size of this!!  You would swear you have a melted cup of caramels.  So good!!  Apple Cider - Not bad. I thought for sure this would come out on top.  It's still buyable for a nice change of taste pace.  And the fact it is a black tea instead of an herbal wins points.
Rating:  Winter Fruit - 4, Caramel Cream - 5+, Apple Cider - 3.25

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