Monday, December 17, 2012

Love is Life

I love Target's special co-op promotions (Shall we revisit my infamous Liberty of London craziness?!)    Not all are worth paying full freight, often with patience you can make your score much better on markdown.
But this - I loved as soon as I saw it.  And at $49, still cheaper by far than Lululemon.

And besides, I'm a bit hacked at Lululemon for not normal-sizing their clothes.  I give you the "No Limits Tank Top" which I have been coveting since it came out.  I'm tall, I would look great in this, but only going up to a Size 10?!  News flash -- Real people have some boobage, and practice yoga, and are over 40.  I give you and go to Lucy instead.   And keep the change from the $64 you would have spent.  Still, when I get the emails with the new colors, and still I keep sending them emails asking for a Size 12. . .
Anyways, let's go back to the love here.   I adore Diane Von Furstenberg and all she stands for.
And standing on this mat, measuring 72" x 24", it is super cushy and pretty and vibrant and all things good.  I love the cool carry wrap and straps, the graphic black and white design accented by the red chakra base --Let Target and this mat connect our Earth energies for good and empowerment.

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