Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Watercoloring Class - Week 3


This is what happens when you sprinkle table salt on wet watercolors!   I love the design it makes.

And then I tried sand - it not only pushes the color aside, but some stays behind, leaving a bonus gritty texture.  Totally random what it will do and where.
I also tried three different methods to make clouds - Wet on wet, wet on dry and lifting.  
Hmmm, notice they are missing from this post.  I need to try/practice those again.  You know how you can  "see" things in clouds?  These were no exception - "Looks like rain!", and "Is that New York State?"  
I will post them later along with other special effects we learned.     

And as you can see, we were also learning how to make black and compliments/tertiary colors. . .

Another practice paper!


becki-c said...

Looks like a blast! You really should show us New York State!

Peggy said...